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Departing From The Faith

1 Timothy 4:1 declares many saints will depart from the faith in these days, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils. The first thing you must realize, in order for someone to seduce the saints, they must be in a position of trust and endorsed by the church. This would cause the average Christian to let their guard down and open up their spirit. This becomes the setup for deception and for the spirit of error to infiltrate. What a disaster this can be for the saints of God because if the church has been deceived who will bring correction, rebuke and reproof? This makes it imperative for the leaders in the body of Christ to not only study to show themselves approved but also increase their level of prayer and fasting to position themselves to hear the voice of God and discern in the spirit realm according to Word of God.

A Call For Leaders

We have seen in this hour, a wave of leaders being deceived by false prophets, evangelist, and pastors simply because their measuring stick has been carnalized and conformed to the world. Talents, abilities and gifts are not a justification that a person is a bonified man or women of God. Neither is financial gain. The Word declares we shall know a man by the fruit he bears. The Word also tells us to come out from among them that are wicked, touch not the unclean thing and I will receive you. Yet we yield to wicked men with rotten fruit and label them as men or women of God. God is not only going to bring exposure to this dilemma, but also to those used by demonic influence to carry out these false moves of God. Unfortunately, those leaders involved in this move will be held responsible for all the saints that are seduced and deceived under their covering. When you profess to be a leader in any of the five-fold offices, homosexuality, whoremongering and filthy lucre should not be a part of your life. If they are, you are not a leader and should remove yourself from these positions until you get delivered and restored back to God. Certainly, there are more areas of wickedness then these three. But these seem to be on the rise among the Body of Christ. A real leader becomes the bible and lives it in and out of the pulpit.

Apostle D. Graham