Centers of The Great Commission

About CGC

The Centers of the Great Commission (CGC) was established in 2001 by the divine leading of the Holy Spirit. The purpose of the organization was to strengthen, educate, encourage and birth ministry leaders and churches.

Our Focus

The prerequisite for covenant is to be determined to live holy and upright before God. This may seem to be a simple request, but has proven in our society not to be. The heart of God is to be in relationship with his people and see us prosper and be in good health. This concept cannot come into place if the local church continues to squeeze worship out of the church and replace it with structured religious services.

The CGC consists of these types leaders that are holy, have a personal relationship with God and practice what they preach. We empower theses leaders who dare to combat the spirit of religion and turn from those who practice a form of godliness and deny the power thereof. The scriptures constantly speak of a season of great apostasy. That season is readily upon us. Unless we take a strong stand against this demonic spirit by rightly dividing the Word, living in a state of consecration and prayer and contending for the faith, we could find ourselves being disconnected from the true vine and becoming religious actors. Humbling ourselves and coming together under a check and balance system, as opposed to politicking for a higher position in some egotistical denominational party, is what this organization is all about. We will walk like Jesus walked, and even greater works shall we do.

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